Class times & fees

New to Judo? Get a taste of what Worcester Judo Club has to offer with your first 3 classes totally free.


Our weekly sessions run from Saturday to Friday,

If a member attends a session on a Saturday and wishes to attend a further session in the week, additional sessions will be charged at £3 per session,

This price is inclusive for both members and non-members.

Juniors (5-16)

1830-1930 (All levels)

1900-2030 (Over 12’s)

Friday - Competition Mat
1900-2030 (competing players only)

1030-1130- (Beginners 5+)
1145-1245 (Intermediate/Advanced)

Seniors (16+)

1930-2100 (All levels)

1900-2030 (All levels)

Friday - Competition Mat
1900-2030 (competing players only)

Class Fees

Pay as you go with our affordable class pricing

Juniors Members £4.50 / Non-members £5.50
Seniors Members £6.50 / Non-members £7.50

Membership Fees

Club Membership is compulsory and runs from the beginning of October to the end of September each year.
Club membership year runs 1st October to 30th September

£40 p/annum for first family member (pro-rat for part year)
£20 p/annum for addiitonal members thereafter (pro-rata)


Download annual pricing and membership fees schedule